An Innovative Implant for the Creation of an Anastomosis

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Each year, over 1.9 million people receive a colon cancer diagnosis, and a significant portion of them undergo surgery to remove tumours and restore the healthy function of their bowels.

Unfortunately, post-surgery leakage is a major complication that affects approximately 8.6% of cases, and in some procedures, this rate can rise as high as 20%.

This condition, where intestinal content leaks into the abdomen, can severely impact patients, often leading to sepsis and requiring urgent reoperation. Patients experience an extended hospital stay of about 12 days and incur an additional cost of €35,000 for their care.

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1.9m Cases Annually

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+12 Days of Hospitalisation

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8.6% Leak Rate

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+€35,000/Patient cost of care


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The PLIO Surgical Implant is a new anastomosis device that is laparoscopically deployed into the healthy lumen of the bowel

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Utilizing the patented tissue gripping features on the face of the implant it grips to the inside walls of the intestine

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The rings are coupled together through magnetic elements. An anastomosis is created without the need for sutures or staples via the compressive force of the magnetic attraction

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Once healing occurs, the implant detaches and passes naturally leaving no foreign body behind

Plio Surgical Ireland


Plio Surgical is a spin-out of Trinity College Dublin, developing an innovative and evidence-based solution to address the unmet clinical need of conducting an intestinal anastomosis (joining of two lumens together following a resection)

Cristina Purtill

Cristina Purtill - CEO

Cristina has over 15 years’ experience in the healthcare industry and in product management, acquired while working as a Global Product Manager with GE Healthcare in the USA and in marketing roles with Dell. Cristina had previously led the development of five Class II high acuity patient monitors and managed the product commercialisation following 510(k) approval and CE mark in the USA, Europe and Asia.


Prof. Bruce Murphy

Prof. Bruce Murphy - CSO

Prof. Bruce Murphy has deep technical expertise in developing minimally invasive surgical devices. Prof. Murphy’s lab has a strong track record of success in developing and commercialising innovative, proprietary medical technologies with spin-outs such as CroiValve, Proverum, Selio Medical and OneProjects emanating from his lab and he is well connected to the investment community.


Gareth Gallagher

Gareth Gallagher - CTO

Gareth received his BSc and M.E. in Biomedical Engineering from UCD and since then has gained +7 years experience developing a range of medical devices for gastrointestinal surgical and diagnostic applications. This experience extends to both start-up and large multi-national enterprises, spanning all stages of the device design process from concept to product launch.


Stephen Johnson Barker

Stephen Johnson Barker - Head of Design

Stephen has a strong industrial design background having completed BSc in Product Design and an M.Sc. in Medical Device Design. Stephen’s strengths lie in the design and manufacturing of the devices Plio Surgical are developing with skills in rapid prototyping techniques, human factors engineering and managing the IP landscape.



Accepted Into Medtech Innovator Accelerator Program

June 17th, 2023 - Finalists for the 2023 Vision Award, MedTech Innovator

Plio Surgical was honoured to be selected as one of five finalists for the 2023 Vision Award competition at the MedTech Innovator Summit in Palo Alto, California. Read More…


Accepted Into Medtech Innovator Accelerator Program

June 7th, 2023 - Accepted Into Medtech Innovator Accelerator Program

Pilo Surgical is thrilled to be chosen for the MedTech Innovator 2023 Accelerator, the world’s largest medical technology accelerator. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey alongside 60 other successful companies, gaining visibility, access to industry leaders, and a chance to win $800,000 in funding. Read More…


Plio news

IDE Group Building Better Futures for Health Finalist

Pilo Surgical are delighted to be chosen as a finalist for the IDE Group BBFH 2023 Challenge: Building Better Futures for Health.

The winners of the BBFH Challenge, as determined by the esteemed BBFH judges, will be awarded $30,000 in IDE Group services, with an additional $10,000 in services reserved for the recipient of the “People’s Choice Award.


Plio news

June 2nd - 2023 UK/Ireland Regional EIT Health Catapult Final

Pilo Surgical CEO, Cristina Purtill, shines in the EIT Health Catapult UK and Ireland regional final, pitching remotely to expert judges. Read More...

April 25th, 2023 - MedTech Strategist Finalist Pitch

Plio Surgical’s CEO, Cristina Purtill, impressed industry leaders and investors at the MedTech Strategist Conference in Dublin as she pitched the innovative Plio anastomosis implant. Read More…


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May 12th, 2023 - Travel to IHU Strasbourg for second round of pre-clinical testing

The Plio Surgical team undertook the second round of pre-clinical porcine animal studies in Strasbourg’s IHU facility, supported by Dr Lee Swanstrom and Dr Juan Verde. Read More…


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